Join Us On Our Journey to Bring Sophia Jane Home.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is Kelly, posting for Kimberley, knowing that she's just exhausted. This is what I posted on my blog last night and then woke up and realized that all of Kimberley's friends and family and faithful readers should know that they arrived home safely last evening. Kimberley, delete this post when you have time to post again.


Kimberley, Tim, Eli & Sophia had quite the welcoming committee at the airport tonight...their boys Zachary and Tyler, Steffie and her hubby and Sophia and Andrew were there, as was Kim K. and her daughters Emma & Josie, and my hubby and I arrived last with Katie and Ella (and helium balloons)...chaos reigned! All the kids (front l to r): Emma & Josie, Katie, Andrew & Sophia, Eli & Sophia, Ella (back) Tyler & Zachary Kim K., the Craft Queen gave Eli & Sophia American flags decorated with "welcome home" notes (that blur behind Sophia is another Sophia!) Mama and daughter, on American soil! Big brother Tyler gives a hug to his little sister At baggage claim (where one of the family's suitcases never showed up), Eli poses with "his girls" (Ella didn't want to be in this picture, but she's still "his girl"!) Zachary called a friend who speaks Mandarin and put the phone to Sophia's ear...Sophia listened for a very long time before Zachary took the phone back and said to his friend, "Now, what did you say?" Sophia is absolutely delightful and such a princess. We are so happy to live so close so we can see her family and have our kids play together! Oh, and for anyone who is even thinking about giving Kimberley grief for not posting more in China, please don't. I told her she was "the world's worst blogger" already, and she explained it wasn't entirely her fault. I completely understand, it IS hard to carve out time to blog on an adoption trip. Anyway, she promises to "retro-blog" her trip, so everyone will see and hear about her trip in due time. WELCOME HOME KIMBERLEY, TIM, ELI & SOPHIA!!!